Want to Study Abroad?

CHASI Agency for Education can simplify and guide you on your journey to securing admission at higher institutions in Canada, USA and UK. We specialize in streamlining the application process from start to finish.

Want to Study in Canada, US or UK?

Who We Are

CHASI Education is an agency committed to facilitating international study, by focusing on students AND institutions.

Experts in the Field

We are experts in international students’ placements with experience in assisting with choosing the right courses and the right schools for you.


Whether you prefer to study in UK, US or Canada; in High School, College, University or language school -CHASI Education can assist with the application process.

Learn More About Us

The CHASI Education team will guide you in making a choice based on your personality and desired college experience.


Statistics show that as of 2021/22, there are approximately 0.8 million international students in the UK, US and Canada, respectively.

CHASI Education can launch your school on the international stage. Our team of representatives are on hand to assist you in promoting your institution by:

  • Organizing information sessions (online and in- person).
  • Holding student open days in selected countries.
  • Assisting with proctoring entrance exams, tests and assessments at accredited test centers in selected countries.

Once you sign up with us, a team member will be in touch to provide more information on how to increase your institution’s intake of international students.